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Frequently Asked Questions

VLF intelligent machine vision technology helps Conga lawn mower judge the environment ahead and avoid obstacles within 0.1 seconds, protecting the safety of children and pets.

The Conga lawn mower does not need to lay a boundary line before use.

The use of the Conga lawn mower is very simple. Through the VLF intelligent machine vision technology, the mower can explore the lawn boundary by itself, and create a work map for itself before starting work without any manual participation.

The Conga lawn mower is designed for quiet environments, and the sound emitted during work is less than 60 decibels.

The waterproof level of the Conga is IPX4, so the rain will not damage the lawn mower. But the grass will not be in an upright state in rainy days, which means mowing in rain cannot achieve good results. It is recommended to use the lawn mower on non-rainy days. If the weather suddenly rains during mowing, the lawn mower will automatically stop working and return to the charging pile.

You can book working days and working hours on the APP as you want.