It's Time for You to Have

A New Vision for Lawn Care

Conga® the Next Generation Hands-free Autonomous Lawn Care Robot with Enhanced Visual AI

Things You Should Know About Conga®


One-Button Start. It's really user friendly for customers to setup and use.


Cutting edge artificial intelligence helps robots work without boundary wires and discover the user map on it own.


Dual  AI cameras with advanced sensors allow robots detect obstacle in less than 0.1 second.

High Efficiency

With our VLF precise positioning system, robot can work in Zig-Zag path. It knows where it shall go and gives users a nice-looking lawn.

Vision Brings new features to the mower

 Machine learning gives a new way of defining map

Conga robot Mower detects boundary and goes along the edge automatically. Logic Cameras help Conga Robot detect natural lawn boundary without human control. Unlike other solutions e.g remote joystick control, Conga defines a new way of making boundary.

Auto Navigation

Be a real house owner, only watch robot working.

Check Point Restart

The mower will restart to work from the point where it stops when battery is low. Repetitive work can be avoided.

Auto Obstacle Detection

New obstacle will be added to the map once the mower senses it on the way of work. The mower will get rid of the obstacle next time.

High Coverage Rate

No lawn will be missed out. Parallel path makes your garden more beautiful than ever.

Auto Adjust Map

The mower will go along the lawn and sense the boundary and store it in it's memory.


Conga provides three-level safety guarantee for users. In any dangerous cases, the mower will stop until working area is clear.


With 0.1 second, image processing unit will tell our robot if there is an obstacle in the front.

Ultrasonic Sensor

Ultrasonic acts as secondary obstacle avoidance system.

Bump in Sensor

Perfect robot base will detect all kinds collision in extreme cases.

Blade Emergency Halts

Blade stops whenever danger occurs.

Awesome UI


You will never and ever see controlling a robot is that easy. One button START and one button STOP.


‘Strong’ Conga® will be your yard guard.


Consistent software upgrading makes your Conga® brand new.

Authorized Certification

FCC, CE guaranteened.

Endurance Test

Components are safe .

Battery Maintenance

Replaceable battery pack makes it easy to recharge.

High Quality Cover

Robot runs whenever it is rainy, windy, shining.

Corner Case Test

Robot can avoid lots of dangerous or extreme cases.